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Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams is a researcher and writer deeply interested in how data and technology reconstructs power in society. She is also interested in oil painting, poetry, and picnics. She has lived along the Northeast Regional Amtrak line her whole life and currently lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Hannah Arendt.


Recent Projects

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Technology and Public Purpose Project Research

Research related to "smart city" emerging technology harms & prevention tactics.

My goals of this research are to support people already doing related research and advocacy and to produce a risk framework, assessment of current policies and practices, and set of harm prevention recommendations.

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Whose Streets? Our Streets! (Tech Edition)

A weekly newsletter on public surveillance news.

As a companion to my TAPP research, with the help of Madeline Smith, I collect weekly news related to public surveillance technology. Watch us watch cities, the market, policy, and the watchers.

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Civic Tech Book Club

A virtual book club with a critical lens on civics ∩  technology.

CTBC was created in 2015 by Forest Gregg, Rebecca Ackerman, and Rebecca Williams (members of the “civic tech” community) who lived far apart from each other and wanted a space to discuss readings. Since the pandemic, the virtual group has taken on a new life and meets more frequently.

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