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Researcher & Writer

Rebecca Williams is a researcher and writer with expertise in data and technology policy. She has worked at all jurisdiction levels, inside and outside of government, as a civil servant, consultant, and advocate at Harvard, the Sunlight Foundation, the White House, and more. She holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a J.D. from Western New England University School of Law. Committed to continuous learning with others, in her free time she has hosted community groups to discuss issues betwixt civics and technology with Civic Tech Book Club and DC Legal Hackers. She has won numerous legal tech awards, including American Bar Association's first 10 Women to Watch in Legal Tech.

Rebecca with a dog named Hannah

Rebecca was raised by a psychologist and tax attorney in Springfield, MA where she learned from an early age to study critically all of the ways the world is not fair. Rebecca sees the world in power struggles, trajectories, and people talking past each other. She believes in art, balance, diversity, and humor. She wants to ask you about the latest thing you enjoyed to better understand you, the world, and herself.