Hello World

Nov 02, 2014

The blogging history of Rebecca Williams, 2002-2014.

Laptop on a bus, 2013

I tweet, I put everything I’ve got into emails, I talk a lot, but blogging is something I used to enjoy and I wish I did more of. With admittedly some assistance from Konklone, Inc., I have set up the Balzac theme for Jekyll as clean space for no excuses. For historical purposes, I have rounded up my short history of weblogging.

To date:

~2002-2004 Livejournal & Deadjournal. Diaries, stories. Retired, copies lost.

~2008-2010 Blogspot. Things I liked. Retired, copy lost.

2013-2014 Open Data Policy blogging with the Sunlight Foundation.

2009-2014 A personal blogging hiatus with many one post tumblr attempts, see:

2014-? The newest addition: rebeccawilliams.us/blog

I am excited to have one spot to put it all once again.